EDGE GALLERY: I was a member of the Denver cooperative, Edge Gallery, from 1997 to 2017.  The artist run gallery has been a co-op since 1992 and was a commercial gallery 1989-92.  The gallery is considered an "alternative" gallery and shows innovative and cutting "edge" works from its twenty-two full members and eleven associate members.  Edge Gallery:  Colfax & Teller Streets, Lakewood, CO (new address as of 2017).  In 2017 I resigned Edge Gallery because I had been focusing on becoming a potter since 2014, taking classes with Pat Pocius in Fairplay, Colorado.  I treasured my years at Edge--the art I was able to exhibit, the friends I made and the people I met.  I needed to focus on my new adventure, making pottery.  Currently, I am trying to meet challenges of learning new skills and the many facets of producing quality ceramics.




2015                        Edge Gallery, Artistically Modified, Denver, CO

2013                        Edge Gallery, Consequence, Denver, CO

2012                        Edge Gallery, Persistence of Place, Denver, CO

2011                        Edge Gallery:  NEFA Project (installation w sound), Denver, CO

2011                        Civic Center Park, Denver—NEFA Project Performance Art with Collaborators

2010                        Edge Gallery, The Potential of Broken, Denver, CO

2009                        Edge Gallery, An Incomplete Taxonomy of Chaos, Denver, CO

2008                        Edge Gallery, COOP, Denver, CO

2007                        Edge Gallery, Monuments and Ruins, Denver, CO

2006                        The Art Library, Durango Arts Center, First Draft, Durango, CO

2005                        University of Montana, Gallery of Visual Arts, First Draft, Missoula, MT

2005                        Smoky Hill Library, First Draft, Denver, CO

2005                        Edge Gallery, The Detroit Connection, Denver, CO

2004                        Edge Gallery, Fictions and Factions, Denver, CO

2003                        Edge Gallery, First Draft, Denver, CO

2003                        Stanton Gallery, Littleton Town Hall Arts Center, Hybrid, Littleton, CO

2002                        Edge Gallery, Window Action Project, Denver, CO      

2001-2002                Denver Parks and City Streets, Window Action Project, (9 performance art pieces), Denver metro area 

2001                        Edge Gallery, Hybrid, Denver, CO

2000                        Edge Gallery, Say, Denver, CO

1999                        Edge Gallery, Strata, Denver, CO

1998                        Edge Gallery, Creative Dissonance, Denver, CO

1992                        CU Art Galleries, Reframing the Past, Boulder, CO

1991                        Context Gallery, Performance: 92 Cents/Day, Denver, CO

1991                        Grant Street Art Studios Gallery, Fences Offences Offencive, Denver, CO

1990                        Edge Gallery, US37858, Denver, CO

1989                        Spark Gallery, Couples, Installation & Performance, Denver, CO

1989                        The Pub, University of Denver; Performance Art Pieces: Practicing Zen, Cocktail Party, Today’s Woman, Art Artist Art, Denver, CO


2019                                        Edge Gallery, Time, Group Show, Denver, CO

2016                                        Edge Gallery, Community Print Show, Denver, CO

2015                                        Edge Gallery, States of Transition, Denver, CO

2015                                        Edge Gallery, Lineage, Denver, CO

2014-2016                                A borgata, Conifer, CO

2013                                        Denver Art Museum, Spun Community Quilt Show, Denver, CO

2013                                        abecedarian gallery, Photo Book Works, Denver, CO

2011                                        tbellphotographic, is this how I look, Denver, CO

2011                                        Edge Gallery, Narratives, Edge Gallery, Denver, CO

2011                                        tbellphotographic, small works by women photographers, Denver, CO

2011                                        Comfort Café, Art as Nourishment, Denver, CO

2010                                        The Park Hill Community Arts Connection, Home Art Show, Denver, CO

2010                                        Teal Art Gallery, University of Denver Alumni Show, Breckenridge, CO

2010                                        Edge Gallery, Pairings, Denver, CO

2009                                        Edge Gallery, Northern Migration, Denver, CO

2009                                        Adams State College Art Gallery, Southern Migration, Alamosa, CO

2009                                        abecedarian gallery, Word Works, Denver, CO

2009                                        Edge Gallery, Edgestremists—36” x 6”, Denver, CO

2008                                        abecedarian gallery Interweavings, Denver, CO

2008                                        Edge Gallery, Photographic Edge, Denver, CO

2008                                        Edge Gallery, Member’s Sculpture Show, Denver, CO


2007                                        Edge Gallery, Edgestremists, Denver, CO

2007                                        Edge Gallery, Kari Edwards Memorial Exhibition, Denver, CO

2007                                        Zip Gallery, Grant Street Reunion Show, Denver, CO

2006-07                                   Central Cultural Casa Borda,  Mexico Edge va a México, Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico

2006-07                                   Denver Public Library, Main Library, C700.978883 A 792-2006 DPL, Denver, CO

2006-08                                   Pine Gallery, Pine Grove, CO

2006                                        Spire Studios, Beacon, NY

2006                                        Edge Gallery, Edgestremists, Denver, CO

2006                                        Edge Gallery, Auction, Denver, CO

2005                                        Edge Gallery, Edgestremists, Denver, CO

2005                                        Sangre De Cristo Arts Center, 2005 Own Your Own, Pueblo, CO

2005                                        Center for Visual Arts, Back to Back, MSCD Faculty Show, Denver, CO

2005                                        Asheville, NC, Exchange, Group show

2004                                        Edge Gallery, Edgestremists, Denver, CO

2004                                        Three Local Collectors, University of Colorado Art Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO

2004                                        Emmanuel Gallery, ZIPCO, Denver, CO  

2004                                        Edge Gallery, Commemorative group show for Roger Beltrami

2003                                        Edge Gallery, 12 x 12, Annual members’ show

2003                                        Denver Civic Center Theater, Edge members’ group show

2003-1998                                Zook Building, Studio Tours/Group shows, Denver, CO

2002, 01, 00                             Edge Gallery, Blue Light Special, Denver, CO

2001                                        Project Safeguard Benefit Art Auction, organized by Morph Gallery and LaRumba, Denver, CO

2001                                        Morph Gallery, Denver, CO

2001                                        Edge Gallery, Edgestremists, Copy Cat, Denver, CO

2000                                        Edge Gallery, Exquisite Corpse, Denver, CO

2000, '99, ‘'98                           Edge Gallery, Edgestremists, Denver, CO

1999                                        Edge Gallery, Zippy Bugs and Bones, (Collaboration with Mark Brasuell), Denver, CO

1998                                        Edge Gallery, Text by the Foot, Denver, CO

1997                                        Edge Gallery, Member’s Small Works, Denver, CO

1997                                        Edge Gallery, Three Lamps, Three Tables, Three Lives, performance poetry, Denver, CO

1996                                        Colorado Aids Project Annual Auction, Denver, CO

1994                                        Edge Gallery, Look Ma, No Hands, Denver, CO

                                              Boulder Artists Gallery, Look Ma, No Hands, Denver,CO

1993                        Edge Gallery, Invitational Show, Denver, CO

1992                        Edge Gallery, Homophobia Show, Denver, CO

1992                        ASA Gallery, Group Show, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

1991                        University of Southern Colorado Art Gallery, Group Show, Pueblo, CO

1991                        CORE New Art Space, Social Commentary, Denver, CO

1991                        Shwayder Art Gallery, University of Denver, Alumni Show

1991                        Grant Street Art Studios Gallery, Member’s Show, Denver, CO

1989/90                   Shwayder Art Gallery, University of Denver, Student Shows, Denver, CO

1989                        Ice House Annual Show, Denver, CO

                              City Spirit, Woodcuts by DU Printmakers, Denver, CO

                              Kyle Belding Gallery, Outsider’s Show, Denver, CO

1989                        CORE New Art Space, Reading Between the Lines, Denver, CO

                              The Pub, University of Denver, Variations of Pig, Denver, CO

1989, 88                  Pirate, A Contemporary Art Oasis, Outsider’s Show, Denver, CO

1988                        Pirate, A Contemporary Art Oasis, El Dia De Los Muertos, Denver, CO

1987                        Lincoln Center, Poudre Valley Art League Annual Regional Show, Ft. Collins, CO

1985-86                   Studio Art Galleries, Member’s Show, Denver, CO

1983                        Gilpin County Art Association, 36th Annual Exhibition, Central City, CO

1981, 82                   Denver Symphony Designer Showhouse, Denver Symphony Orchestra Art Exhibition, Denver, CO

1982                        House Hodgkins Gallery, Group Show, Littleton, CO

1982                        Colorado Graphic Arts Center, Rocky Mountain Regional Print Show, exhibited at Colorado Institute of Art, Denver, CO

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