Under the Influence--2007 (NFS)

An aftist book is also a work in progress on this subject, however, the images and format are very different.  The subject matter is honoring the women that shaped me in my early years.  Each piece shown above represents a different woman.



Detroit Connection series

JL Hudson's Jazzed --Inkjet print on iacid free paper--size ix 8.5" x 11"

Note:  There is also a correspsonding print framed in a handmade sculptural frame--photos coming.


Most of the art you see is for sale and each series has more images that are not shown on the internet because of limited space.  Contact me if you are interested in seeing more images in a certain series.

Contact me via email at: jomacx@msn.com

Below I have listed the series and general pricing information.  For more specific information, contact me.  I am currently not set up to take credit card payments.  The prices below do not include shipping/packaging costs.  Many of these pieces cana be seen by clicking on the "View Photo Album" link on the right side of this page.  Other images are shown throughout this website.

Series:  Monuments and Ruins 2007

9 items available.  Smaller items begin at $225 and $300; larger items--$1,800--$2,000.

Series:  Detroit Connection 2005

There are 12 sets of prints framed in elaborate handmade frames.  The size of each piece is approximately 20" x 16".  There are two pieces to each set--cost is $900/set.  There is only one photo on this website of the prints in the frame (more will be coming).  See the "News Releases/Art Info" page for the "Residential Buildings Jazzed" piece.

There is also a handmade and carved wooden box that contains all 24 prints and the four poems.  The prints are inkjet prints on quality acid free paper.  The boxed set is $1,200.00.  The boxed set will be a limited edition.

Series:  Fictions and Factions 2004

Prices range from $175.00 to $700 each.  Inquire as to additional items.

Series:  First Draft 2003 (first shown--ongoing project)

India ink stream of consciousness writings with ink washes on Rives BFK paper.  These are unframed with foamcore backing (unattached)

Currently, there are around 50 (each is unique)--size 11"x15" @ $75.00 each

There are approximately 12 size 22"w x 30"h @ $250 each

There are 9 size 11"w x 30"h @ $175.00 each

Series:  Windows Action Project 2002

Nothing for sale

Series:  Hybrid

26"w x 84"h--Acrylic on primed, but unstretched canvas--roll up into a scroll.  Comes with a painted dowel through the top panel for hanging.  $500.00 each

Series:  Say 2000

Several assemblage pieces available.  Sizes vary from about 8" x 8" x 2" to 22" x 22".  Prices are $175--$250

Installation--See photo page for image--Mixed media--painted canvas on ceiling with thread coming down approximately 10' to floor.  On floor is a matching canvas with 7"x7" pieces of wood with writing that are similar to those that the wall pieces are made from.  Price:  $2500 (doesn't incude installation)

Series:  Strata 1999

These are unstretched canvas size approximately 42"w x 7' height.  Prices are $500.00 - $1,000.00.  No images yet on this site, will be coming.

Series:  Creative Dissonance--1998

7 Drawing/Paintings--India ink and acrylic paint on paper.  The prices are $650.00 - $800.00 each